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A total of 11 bangalows are spread on the beach among the trees of lush and shady gardens. 




1. Ten beach front bangalows, each with a front terrace facing the sunrise from the ocean. Each bangalow can accommodate 2-3 guests.


Standard Room Price : Sun-Thu 1,600 Bath / Fri-Sat 2,000 Bath (Surcharge for holiday 500 Bath)



Deluxe Room Price :
Sun-Thu 2,000 Bath
Fri-Sat 2,500 Bath
(Surcharge for holiday 500 Bath)

2. One family bangalow with two bedrooms. In each, there are two queen-size beds. This bangalow can accommodate 8 guests.

Family Room Price :
Sun-Thu 4,500 Bath
Fri-Sat 5,000 Bath
(Surcharge for holiday 500 Bath)





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